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    White Background under an image



      I'm not English so I'm sorry for my bad english. I hope of able at good explain.

      I have a problem with after effects:

      I wanted to import an image in after effect. but when I imported it there was a white background under the image...

      So, I tried to delete this background with photoshop:

      I copied only the image in a empty level and I deleted the background level.

      When I imported the image there was another time the white background.

      How can I solve?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          But to what format did you save it? In order to retain the trnasprency, you need to use ther PSD format or formats like TIFF and PNG. Nothing is achieved, if you save to JPEG or such, since they cannot support transparency channels. Also make sure, you are actualyl importing the transparency by picking the layer in the PSD import dialog or importing the whole document as a comp. If you just choose to import the merged layers and still have the original in teh background, of course you will only end up without any transparency again... I recomemnd you read the help for Photoshop and AE on how to get the best out of both for such workflows...