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    Size of photos when using email or printing


      I have Photoshop Elements 9 and I am using Photoshop Express Organizer On-Line. I have shared various albums by copying a link to a particular album and sending the link via email.  One of receipients noted that when they try to email a photo they are viewing the size of the image is very small in the 20-50k range rather then the full resolution (average of 2.75mb). When I am in Express Organizer I have the option to download or email using three different resolutions. I didn't see anywhere were I could give an "end-user" the same options. I accessed one of the links as an "end-user" but there wasn't any settings related to size of photo emails or printed versions, all photos were in the 20-50K size range. One of the purposes of placing the photos on-line was for "end users" to be able to download a full size image to use as a computer screen backgorund. Any suggestions? Thank you.




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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          When you share the album, be sure to check off the option 'allow viewers to download'. If you did NOT make that selection, then the viewer would be restricted from being able to get to the larger sizes (which it sounds like is happening).



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            mzagurek Level 1

            The end-users were allowed to download images.


            I tested the following procedure which many not be optimal but is sufficient to resolve the issue:


            1) I send the end-users a web pointer to a specific album which has them start with GRID.

            2) They select a particular photo that they want to either save to disk and email later or set as their as their computer screen background.

            3) When a full size image appears (in slideshow mode) they right click to either "Save Picture As' and/or "Set as background"


            The test was done with a 2688 x 1844 image which was reduced to a 1024 x 702 image when using "Save As" which is sufficient for email. I also tested the same image as a background and it was visually sufficient. The problem before was that end-users and myself were performing "Save As" on images that were on the slide strip which are just small sized thumbnails.


            Thanks for replying.

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              Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

              When your visitors go into a shared album, they should be able to click on a single photo, and it should come up full screen (with the filmstrip of other images along the top).


              At the bottom/left the download and print buttons should (conditionally) appear; looks like this:



              Clicking on that button should allow the user to download the full resolution image, not just the larger size that we use for screen display (which is what your process accomplishes).


              Is this workflow working for you?