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    What Happens with Preview Files?  Bloat?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      (Step 1)  Say I preview out my work area.  PP CS5 generates preview files. 


      (Step 2)  I change something in the sequence and again preview out my work area.  PP CS5 again generates preview files.


      What happens to the files in step one?  They are useless now that they have been replaced/updated, but it appears that PP keeps storing those files even though they aren't ever going to be used again, ever, ever, ever.


      Is this an accurate assessment? 


      This might not be a big deal to the little 30-second commercial that's done in a few days, or even weeks.  But for programs that go for months, it adds a huge bloat (assuming I'm correct with my assessment).


      Am I right or do I have this wrong?