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    Outputting multiple webhelp outputs from single source - recommendations?

    feebeegeebee Level 1


      I think I already know the answer to this, but am really hoping there may be an easier solution...


      I'm currently using RH8 and outputting a very large project to webhelp.


      The existing project called, for example, Gizmo, will still exist.

      However, soon, we will be marketing more specific, feature-based versions - Gizmo Lite A, Gizmo Lite B, Gizmo Lite C, Gizmo Lite D, Gizmo Lite E, Gizmo Lite F, depending on the what the customer requires.


      Someone may buy Gizmo, in which case they will get the full help.

      However, they may only buy an individual Gizmo Lite license or a combination of Gizmo Lite licenses, in which case they will only get the help which corresponds to the features they have purchased.


      I understand that I can create several webhelp outputs, with new TOCs and indexes for each and that I could potentially use conditional build tags to control every topic and whether it is included in the output for Gizmo Lite A, Gizmo Lite B, etc. 


      BUT, this seems like a huge amount of manual effort in conditional build tags alone, let alone TOC setup, as it is a massive legacy project.

      Plus, the conditional build tags seem to be aimed at excluding tagged items from the output, rather than just including tagged items that you want (unless I've missed something)...


      Is there a simpler, less time-consuming way to do this before I embark on this mammoth undertaking? 


      Thanks for any help or advice.