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    Export SWF with TLF text

    Petteri_Paananen Level 4

      InDesign´s Export SWF window has few option for text exporting policy:


      -Flash Classic Text

      -Convert to Outlines

      -Convert to Pixels


      There´s also a fourth option, new TLF (Text Layout Framework) but it seems to be missing from that UI. I noticed that it is possible to choose if you export FLA and it´s also defined in InDesign Scripting Preference. I actually tested it with following line:


           app.swfExportPreferences.textExportPolicy = DynamicDocumentsTextExportPolicy.TLF;


      but resulting SWF (or text of it) wasn´t TLF, it was still Classic Flash text, which means that long text was splitted textframes, 1/frame per row.... If it was TLF, whole text would be in one textframe....


      Any ideas?