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    Audition 4.0 beta silence on a intel iMac? - solution


      After many frustrating hours a solution is at hand

      I  found a possible bug and maybe a solution, to the silence from Audition  when loaded on an intel iMac with additional audio hardware eg  DigiDesign Mbox etc.
      It appears that Audition defaults to the  internal input and output busses of the Mac, even if you select external  audio hardware in the Audition preferences.
      After opening an audio  file, the software will indicate that;  there is a wave form,  and  selecting play, that it is being scanned, confirmed by activity in the  meters, - but silence.
      After being informed by the crew at Adobe that  the beta is OK and many repetitions of the load App, open file, select  audio hardware, sequence I have found that :
      if you  change Audio Hardware Prefs > Default  input and output by selecting  Built-in input and  Built-in output then select OK, open the prefs again  and change it back to Digidesign MBox2 (in my case) audio is heard.

      It  must have something to do with the way Audition selects its output  buss. If I have Digidesign MBox2 selected in prefs - Audition can't see  it unless you rub its nose in it  by selecting internal and then  external. I know this problem is not with several current Audio  Workstation Software Apps. Perhaps Adobe should look at this, its the  greatest turnoff to load software and at first, it doesn't work!!


      A couple of Pros


      Make new file from selection (Copy to New), is very handy to save effects , groups of vox, ambience from long takes etc

      "Auto Heal" actually works well, as long as you zoom in far enough so that periphery audio is not affected.

      The Mutiband compressor is beautiful to use.



      I should be able to change the name of a marker by double clicking on the stage/Editor window "Marker Title"

      File names should be able to contain "illegal" characters like:

      Ichin' Blues by Jo Dallas (Not a legal file name in Audition)

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Thanks for sharing your solution.  The DigiDesign hardware can sometimes be a bit more touchy than other audio devices, and while I haven't received other reports of this issue, I'll see if we can reproduce it in our testing lab.


          Your marker title request has already been entered as a feature request for the next development cycle.  I'll include a link to this thread in the feature notes as added support.  I've also reproduced the filename issue you reported, which doesn't happen on Windows, and entered a bug.  At the very least, the error message is inaccurate, but apostrophes and commas are valid filename characters on OS X and should be supported. 

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