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    Hero + FB + webservice = glitch?

    mattcom Level 1



      I'm trying to build my first mobile app using sdk hero in flashbuilder.  There seems to be a glitch using the generated webservices.  It fires off in a random type pattern.  for example, I click the button that triggers the event and sometimes it works.  Other times, no busy-cursor, no result, no fault.  I have android.internet permissions in the application mxml and I know I can access the internet via the computer.


      Any ideas as to what might be happening?


      If I trace a glitchy run:


      the click handler has been accessed

      the service public function signIn has been accessed

      the public function _Super_Loginservice has been accessed


      but no busy-cursor, no result, no fault.




      Actually, I should also point out that the glitch seems to be per build.  As in, a glitchy build will always be glitchy, and a non-glitchy build always works.  The difference?  (how hard I click the green play button?  j/k)


      I should also make mention that I'm using FB "Burrito"