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    PE9 crashes all the time while editing on Mac OS X

    Katia Enbuske


      Maybe I have wrong system settings in the editing program, because every time I make the smallest change, eg. add text, the PE9 crashes. I have to render the work area after each text addition and sometimes the program crashes 5 or more times before it finishes rendering. I'm spending more time restarting the program than actually editing and we're not talking about anything fancy, special effects, layers or such, but just adding a little title here and there... :-(


      Could you please help, this is driving me mad and my editing is not proceding anywhere...


      The computer I'm working with is:



      Prosessor: Intel Core i5

      Prosessor speed: 2,53 GHz

      Memory: 4 Gt


      The material I'm editing has been recorded with a Full HD-videocamera Canon Legria HFS200 1920 x 1080, but with SD quality.


      The project setting I have at the moment are HDV 1080i. Something must be off because the Mac Book Pro should have enough power to run the PE9-program. When I edit the files I don't need to render at all, but as soon I start adding titles or transitions PE requires me to render after each little change and often crashes while rendering, up to 5 or 8 times or until I get bored with the whole thing and need a break before getting a nervous break down...

      Does PE9 have a "proxy" function and if so, where do I find it? Or what program you would recommend for proxy editing with a Mac?


      I'm so grateful, if someone here can help me with this!