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    AppleScripting InDesign Yahoo! Group

    Roy McCoy Level 1

      Hi. I'm recruiting people interested in using AppleScript with Adobe InDesign for a relatively new Yahoo! Group on this subject. There are only 18 people on it at the moment, so it's low-volume and likely to remain so at least for the immediate future. Some of the members, however, are very well-known and competent scripting people, including Shirley Hopkins, author of the book AppleScripting InDesign, which is now being prepared for an updated edition. Anyone interested can join at the group's home page, http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/applescriptingindesign/, or by sending a message to <applescriptingindesign-owner@yahoogroups.com>. The new group isn't intended to diminish the Adobe InDesign Scripting forum, and it is likely that reports of discussions specific to AppleScript and InDesign in the Yahoo! Group will be posted here as well as elsewhere.




      Roy McCoy

      UEA, Rotterdam NL