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    Problems with Mpeg2 using CS5

    Jenny Broomfield

      Hi there


      I am having problems with Mpeg2s.


      The sequence preset is HDV 1080i25 (50i) and exported at 1440x1080i 25 High Quality.


      When I encode my video and play it back on Windows Media Player or Realplayer at certain points the sound crackles and then a couple of frames jump. I have encoded it a few times and it often happens around the same place each time. If I only encode a certain section of it the jump still occurs but at a different point. Sometimes it happens more than at others.


      I encoded enough instances of the video to stitch it back together on a new sequence and encode that without any of the jumps. When I imported all of the mpeg2s on to the sequence to do this the jumping wasn't happening at all when played out on Premiere Pro. Also it doesn't happen as obviously when played in Nero.


      So basically I would like to know why there is only a problem when I play the Mpeg2s in Windows Media Player and Realplayer but not when I play them within a project in Premiere Pro CS5? Is it a problem that can be fixed in Premiere Pro or whether it is a problem with Windows and Realplayer?


      It is all seriously puzzling to me. I will appreciate any help directed my way, I have seen this problem on other forums but no-one seems to have an answer.