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    Recording Replay Issues

    NW987 Level 1

      I'm seeing two consistent issues with the process replays(ES2 SP2).


      One is that workbench completely crashes when I replay a specific process.  A workaround that I've found for this is to open the process first in the editor and then select a process instance to replay.


      The second issue is that I can't delete process recordings.  When I pick the delete recordings option, no process instances appear in the list.  I can replay the recordings, though, so I know there are several.


      Is anyone else seeing these issues?

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          NW987 Level 1

          Here is another one.  I'll replay a process instance.  It will start fine, but after a few process activities, the replay window will freeze, but the progress bar at the top will continue. I have to close the workbench completely and reopen it to continue with anything.

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            $Nith$ Level 4

            This will happen if your process instance runs in a indefinite loop.


            To verify that, look at the recording file size. If its too large, there are changes for the playback to freeze.