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    Premiere Pro CS5 locks after reinstallation of Vista Ultimate

    Ernst Lunding

      When CS5 Production Premium was launched I upgraded from CS4. The programs have worked (nearly) without problems - I mostly use Premiere Pro and Encore for creating DVD's and BD's (hobby).

      Some months ago Windows update  (Vista Ultimate 64 bit) could not install 3 update files and came up with the message: Windows update error 80070490, which means that an update file in Vista is damaged. I ignored the problem but decided recently that I would follow Microsoft's recommendation and repair the file. I used the Dell Vista 64 DVD that came with the PC, but  as the update option was deactivated I unfortunately departed from the recommended Microsoft procedure and chose 'install'. This was a stupid decision, because all programs and drivers were 'wrapped up' in a file called Windows.old, and could not be activated. There is a procedure were you to a certain extent can go back, but I have chosen to update drivers and reinstall all the programs. Everything works apart from Premiere Pro. I cannot open my Premier projects, I cannot open a Premiere CS4 project and if I create a new project , the program locks (no response) when I create a sequence. In short: it locks no matter what I do.

      I have uninstalled CS5 Premium Production and reinstalled it again, but it did not help. I have uninstalled it and installed CS4 and here everything works incl. Premiere Pro CS4.

      The other CS5 64 bit programs - After Effects and Photoshop - works . The only program that does not work is Premiere Pro 64 bit.

      Vista is updated (SP1 and SP2),  Bios is updated, Video cards are updated with the latest drivers from NVIDIA.


      My system is:

      Dell Precision T7500

      Vista Ultimate 64 bit, latest update incl. SP1 and SP2.

      Two Intel Quad core Xeon W5580, HT enabled

      Two 4 GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 (latest drivers)

      48 GB RAM

      HD: 3 SAS (15.000 rpm)


      The system is only used for video editing (hobby).


      I have run out of ideas - can anybody help?


      Ernst Lunding