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    Copying PDF Forms from old to New file along with the JavaScript




      I am working with a firm who provides services regarding Taxes and Payrolls as a developer. We have to download pdf forms from IRS site and then make them interactive forms using JavaScript. Every year goverment has changes to their PDF Forms and hence we have to download the new forms and then copy JavaScript and Form fields from old from to new form.


      Till now I was using Acrobat Pro 5.0. This is how I used copy JavaScript and Form fields using version 5.0.


      1. Flatten the new file using "Adobe Printer"

      2. Copy Form fields from old to new pdf file. (this generally also copies the JavaScript embedded with their On_blur or any other actions)

      3. Copy Page Load javascript

      4. Then I have to goto Document Javascript dialog in Old Pdf file and copy all the functions/scripts one by one to an Intermediary editor (notepad) and then open the New Pdf file and paste those functions/scripts in its Document Javascripts.

      5. Save new Pdf.


      I recently download Arobat 10 Pro on my machine and I have figured out the way to do the same steps on it.

      But I was wondering if there's some way to automate these steps with this new Version?


      Please let me know.


      Thanks in advance,