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    Change default css filename?

    lcolby Level 1
      Using Robohelp for HTML 6... is there a way to change the file name for the default stylesheet? I can't seem to find it... Also, I can associate more than one style sheet to a topic - is there a way to change the one that is listed as the default? (That is, switch the default from the original to a new style sheet.)

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Linda and welcome to our community

          Look at your toolbars. Near the 100% field you should see an icon that looks like a notepad with a pen. Clicking this icon will allow configuring a different style sheet. Or, you could also look at the topic properties. Click the Appearance tab. As this is a Windows application, RoboHelp HTML follows suit and allows about four or five ways to accomplish any task.

          Associating more than a single sheet to a topic isn't really possible. At least not directly. I'm thinking you would have to script something.

          Cheerx... Rick
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            lcolby Level 1
            Thanks, Rick, for your quick reply!

            I see what you mean.. I had been right-clicking on a page to get properties and then selecting the style sheet under "Appearance". I had mistakenly thought that since 2 sheets where showing up in the left hand pane, that that meant that two were being associated with the page. It's confusing (to a newbie) since even though you associate a different style sheet to the topic, the original one still shows up with the asterisk indicating the "default property". I had originally wanted to change the name of the default sheet since I am reusing another project - but I guess I could just associate all topics with the new sheet and that's what would show up in the generated help (I'm doing webhelp, btw).

            Thanks for your assistance,