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    Source of "Additional compiler arguments".



      I have an invalid compiler path in an existing project that i am trying to correct.  If you do the following:

      1.  Right-click on the project name.

      2.  Select 'Properties'.

      3.  Select 'Flex Compiler'


      There is a box for "Additional compiler arguments".  The path that i have is incorrect. It is currently set to something like this:

      -services "C:\Projects\Flex Projects\ProjectNameHere\WebContent/WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml" -compiler.locale=en_US


      Due to some configuration changes, the path above is invalid and i want to reference the services-config.xml file in a new location.  I CAN "change" the path, but the "OK" button that would allow me to save these changes stays greyed out, hence i cannot save my changes.  This is "probably" because the configuration file which contains this data is "read-only" on my machine, i'm guessing.  I've searched my machine looking for a file containing the path that is listed in the "Additional compiler arguments" text box, but am not finding it.  I'm wondering where this value is set and if i am going about changing it in the right way?