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    Ppro CS5 has vertical bars in preview window over footage. Why?


      I just got PPro CS5 installed and brought some clips in to test.  I noticed that there are vertical gold/yellow bars visible over the footage.  This did not occur in PPro CS3.  This occurred on some standard screen, standard def clips in QT Animation format.  When some Mpeg clips in standard def wide screen were imported, this effect was not noticed.  Once rendered into an output file, the bars were not visible. Project settings are for DV Widescreen.


      Is this some kind of function that PPro CS5 utilizes to indicate that source material doe not match the project settings? Does it have some other function?  Anyone else observed this?


      Also recommendations for video cards are welcome. I am presently using a stock Nvidia GTX 275 which is NOT on Adobe's list of card supporting hardware acceleration.


      Thanks for your help


      Jeff in Palmetto, FL




      i7 processor at 3+ Ghz

      Windows 7

      12 Gig Ram

      Nvidia GTX 275 card