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    No Sound


      great to see AA for mac. Worked  well until yesterday. All the sudden no sound. The sound device is  working; works fine with Logic. I removed AA from the applications  folder then re-added from the dmg. no change. I confirmed AA was routed  through the correct device in Preferences. I appreciate any sugestions


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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          If you have a DIFFERENT audio device, you may want to try temporarily configuring Audition to use that, close the prefs, then switch back.  If that works, please let me know as this may add support for some device switching bugs that may be hiding deep in the app.  If not, try holding down the SHIFT key on launch and let me know if that makes a difference.  (Note: if you have custom preferences or effect presets, holding SHIFT may override or wipe those out as it forces the application to bypass these preference files and use the internal defaults.)

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            nguitar Level 1

            Thanks for thee reply

            switched to built in output but still had no sound. Opened AA while holding the shift key, still no sound. Then I went to Preferences\Audio Hardware and chose Settings.  I was able to access the hardware settings so I tested the speakers and they tested fine. when I applied and closed the window the audio was working again. trouble is I cant access the Settings mod.



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              nguitar Level 1

              So I opened AA again and there was no sound. I shut it down then reopened while pressing the shift key.... sound ... what do you know? I've since opened 3 times, sound is clear and good ...thanks...

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                _durin_ Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the update and I'm glad it's working for you correctly.  Please let us know ASAP if this problem appears again.

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                  Is there a way to record music that streams over the internet with Audition 3?

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                    _durin_ Adobe Employee

                    For a more detailed reply, you may want to check the Audition forum at http://forums.adobe.com/community/audition/audition_general


                    In a nutshell, you'll need to see if your current audio drivers support recording "Stereo Mix" or "What You Hear."  Enable this input in your audio device properties, and select it as your default input in Audition.


                    However, this option is becoming more scarce as OS and device manufacturers address concerns from the recording industry to limit the potential piracy recording audio streams poses.  There are third-party applications that can emulate this internal routing for you, such as TotalRecorder on Windows and SoundFlower on Mac, but I would do some investigation and make sure there's not a method available within your existing driver.