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    Topics not opening.


      Hello All!


      I am compiling my RH8 project using WebHelp.

      For simplicity sake, let's say my start page is TEST.htm and my default page is WELCOME.htm.

      In my single source layout:

           My navigation pane preferred format is DHTML/pure HTML.

           My server name is VMHOST, connection protocol is FTP and server directory is /TEST_WebHelp.

           I have Republish All selected.

      My IT dept configured the VMHOST server to act as an FTP Server. (not sure if I'm using the correct terminology for that.)  If I look at the list of folders on the server, I can see my TEST_WebHelp folder under Internet Explorer>VMHOST (VMHOST has a special icon and when properties is opened, the dialog box title is FTP Properties and type = FTP Server, Location = ftp://vmhost/.)


      My project is being generated and published without error messages. After generation, when I open/view the project from RH it works like a charm.

      But when I try to open it from Explorer (IE8) it is not working like a charm...I see my skin with all the buttons, I see my Contents, my Index, Search etc, but my default topic is not opening and the topics are not appearing when I check on a topic in Contents or click an Index, search for a word, click Home, and so forth.

      Here's what I am typing into the address to open my project: ftp://vmhost/TEST_WebHelp/TEST.htm#Welcome.htm   


      If I type in the address ftp://vmhost/ I see my Directory SSV_WebHelp listed and if I double-click on the directory I see the entire list of files from the project.


      This seems like it should be a simple problem that I'm just not solving due to inexperience on my part. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?