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    properly creating a tray style notifier.

    MartinHviid Level 2



      I'm in the process of developing an AIR app, that should do notifications, but what's the right way of doing this?

      Because I don't wan't it to be shown in the taskbar.


      But I still wan't a window to appear, if the user want's to set some settings.


      I remember a while back you had the NativeWindowType in the app.xml <initialwindow> tag, and you could make the initialwindow either lightweight or utility, but this doesn't seem to exist anymore, or has it ever existed am I remembering wrongly?


      But then I should be able to do nativeWindow.minimize() and nativeWindow.restore() and just have my settings in the WindowedApplication.

      But the option doesn't exist to the window shows in the taskbar when it's minimized.


      The other option is to:

      NativeApplication.nativeApplication.autoExit = false;


      But how do I the reopen it?



      The last option are to create a Window, which contains the settings, and the open and close that?

      This just seems like more work, when I already have a perfectly fine window, in the windowedApplication, but I just can't hide it from the taskbar, and get it back again.