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    Opinions wanted on best features of Ppro CS5

    impactvideo Level 1

      Hey everyone:


      Just got Production Premium CS5 installed today. I have upgraded from CS3, and will be an editing fool in the next few days.


      I would love to hear from other Ppro CS5 users about what the best new dfeatures are, especially in comparison to older versions.


      I am sure these will make themselves known over time as I do some work, but tips and recomendations as well as your opinions on performance issues and possible bugs and conflicts are always welcome.  How about smoothness when editing AVCHD clips?  CS3 seemed to really tie up on my system when importing and editing MPEG clips in general.  However, since I am using a small camera (AVCHD) for car mounted moving shots, i,mprovements in handling these type of clips woud be a handy feature. My larger camera is a Sony FX-1 and encodes into DV or HDV with little problem in CS3


      Right of the mark, I noticed that the Effects panel for selected clips has blending modes. This is a welcome feature which did not exist in CS3. Other great new features?


      I hope top also try out the new rotobrush feature in AE, but that will have to wait for the AE forum.




      Jeff in Palmetto, Fl

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I'd list three things I really like.


          The snappiness of a 64 bit app.


          The ability to use lots more memory.


          The multicam window now remembers that I have the Preview pane turned off, so when I close the window and open it back up, Preview is still off.  (Yeah!)

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            There's a lot of information about what's new on this page (including in the comments).


            Be sure to install the recent updates.

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              Toomany3 Level 1

              I would say the Mercury Playback Engine is the best feature.


              Second place is dynamic linking ability... except mine doesn't work very well.  For others it is awesome!


              Those two alone BLOW Final Cut and any other similarly-priced program/suite out of the water!  Final cut is about 2 years behind the competition!  SOOO glad to be on Adobe!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                For me, it's the cool Splash Screen!


                Actually, some biggies are:


                • The ability to structure a New Sequence by the New icon from the source material
                • The ability to alter the Duration of Imported stills en masse, without having to Delete, make the change, and then re-Import
                • MPE
                • 64-bit program on a 64-bit OS
                • With its release, we got several great Adobe folk around these parts!



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                  dradeke Adobe Employee

                  Having seen CS5 develop, and use it every day, I'd have to say that the single biggest aspect of CS5 is 64-bit native application and what that means to performance.


                  People love to talk about the GPU and UltraKeyer and dynamic link and smooth workflows and they are without a doubt all very good.  However, the 64-bit nature of Premiere Pro and After Effects make all of these other features even better.  I will comment to audiences when I am presenting that if we had just done 64-bit and nothing else, CS5 would have been a success.  The fact that we did that AND added all of the other goodies makes for one suite (sorry!) release.


                  My two cents,


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                    gtacyclist Level 1

                    Others have already mentioned the items I have in mind but I here they are anyway:


                    1. Hardware accelerated MPE making for smooth previews without the need for rendering.

                    2. PPro and AE are 64-bit - addresses more memory.

                    3. Rotobrush on AE saves time when doing rotoscoping.

                    4. Stable... I got Production Premium just after Adobe released the 5.02 patch and I can't recall ever encountering a crash.

                    5. Wide range of inputs are accepted/supported which means no more transcoding for me.

                    6. Wide range of output/export formats... I especially like the export to Vimeo and YouTube presets from which I could then tweak for either file size or video quality optimizations.