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    Can't Access PDF with AIR and JavaScript

    retrocane Level 1

      I am simply trying to see an Alert popup in a PDF that contains a value given to it by the ActionScript by way of JavaScript. I don't know where I'm going wrong.


      parts: Adobe AIR application file PDF.mxml, test.html contains JavaScript and calls the PDF, sample.pdf simply has a textfield and contains JavaScript.


      PDF.mxml successfully loads test.html and calls the function notifyPDF (the alert pops up), passing a string value which appears in the alert. But that function does not seem to pass the string onto the PDF as I do not see the expected alert there.


      test.html code:


              function noftifyPDF(myString) {
                  pdfObject = document.getElementById("PDFObj");
                  try {
                  catch (e) {
                      alert( e.message );
              <object id="PDFObj" data="sample.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%"/>


      JavaScript set in the function myOnMessage in the sample.pdf document:


      this.hostContainer.messageHandler = {onMessage: myOnMessage}; 
      function myOnMessage(aMessage)
          if(aMessage[0] == "testMsg")
              app.alert("Test message: " + aMessage[1]);



      I do not get either "Test message:"  nor "Error" when the call is made in the AIR application via a button click.


      I am using version 9.4.1 of Adobe Acrobat and Flash Builder 4. What am I missing?

      Thank you in advance.