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    Unable to connect to FMS when using auto config script

    Mike Fry

      Is there a setting some where to configure

      Adobe connect to look at the browser auto script versus the proxy server setting?

      If I check "proxy server" and put in the proxy name and port in IE, I can connect to my room, however if I have that same proxy information in my PAC file script and check "Use Automatic Configuration Script" no proxy server settings in my IE browser, I get a connection error.


      It seems that the FMS is only using "Direct" or "Proxy Server" in the browser and not looking in my "Automatic Configuration script" file. Everyother site works correctly this way and I can get to the logon for the Room, but when it tries to connect, it times out.


      Do I have to use both an script file and also check proxy server to get Adobe to connect? Any suggestion on how to resolve this where I only use my configuration script file conntaining my proxy settings?



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          Heyward Drummond Level 3

          You may need to call into Adobe Support for this as I could not locate any documented way to configure the Flash instance (Adobe Connect) to to that.


          The only thing I am aware of related to browser control is this mentioned in the attendee getting started guide:


          You may be using a proxy server. To resolve this in Internet Explorer,

          select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Then enable the

          setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections. After doing this, clear

          your cookies, close all browser windows and attempt to re-enter the




          Adobe Connect is using the Flash instance so there are really no controls since we connect up to Flash when you launch the meeting and I don't know how to have that look at your script. Not sure it's feasible.

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