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    HELP!!Choppy/Glitch Playback using Panasonic tm700 MTS File


      Issue: Choppy/Glitchy playback

      Video File: .MTS

      Camcorder: Panasonic TM700 Recording at 1080/60p

      Hours Spent reading forums before post: Infinite

      Level of agitation: Insane

      Computer: Brand new Dell Studio XPS

                         Intel i7 Quad @ 2.8 Ghz

                         8 GB Ram

                         Geforce GT220 1GB designated (kinda weak i know but good enough) 


      Apparently Premiere hates MTS files =[


      Anyways, I am getting the red bar on the timeline so I know my settings arent aligning with my source material.  The issue at hand is

      that the material taken from my camcorder is taken at a 60p framerate and I do not see this option in the available presets.


      What do I DOOOO?!!?!?!  The field order is set to progressive scan.  I updated all drivers, installed codecs, and am

      hooked up to an HD monitor. 


      I'm actually pretty new at this so dont bash me if this is a simple fix.  Thank you for your timee!