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    CS5 Justify


      I'm trying fireworks cs5 (I'm coming from cs3 and older versions). In this last version justification alignement is applied to space between words and not adjusting automatically "kerning or tracking".

      Is there a setting to restore this behavior to the cs3 version, or every time we need to manually adjust kerning?



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          pixlor Level 4

          The text engine in CS4 (? 5?) is the same as in Photoshop. It's different code from what's in CS3. So no, you can't change any settings to get the CS5 text engine to act like the one in CS3.

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            merlinox Level 1

            It's no so good. I've hundread of source png of assest, with justify text in auto carriege, that are definitely damage... How programmer may a choice like this, without calculate an option to manage it and preserve compatibility with previous version ;(


            Thanks for your reply!

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              merlinox Level 1

              Are there a way to justify a text phrase without go crazy with "kerning or tracking"? Justification with spaces (in CS5) is a really usability bug.