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    More, like Oil Paint

    AltWhitman Level 1

      I turn to Pixel Bender's Oil Paint filter constantly, using it in conjunction with the stylization offered by Topaz Simplify.


      Oil Paint is obviously an important tool for me.


      More like this, please!


      Suggestion: these tools have largely superseded my use of Cutout. But Cutout can also be a powerful simplifying filter.


      A gold doubloon for the first one of ye to pen the 21st century (more sophisticated) equivalent of Photoshop Cutout in Pixel Bender!

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          unique_screenname_here Level 3

          Thanks for the feedback, AltWhitman.

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            AltWhitman Level 1

            I'm sorry, just got to rave about Oil Paint again. Please stand back in case I gush all over you.


            Let's say you want to create toon inklines for your picture--above all, a stylized animation character, but really, it can be any relatively simple, streamlined image.


            We all know by now that the first filter to use is Photocopy, don't we? Foreground color slot black, background slot white. You can multiply the resulting inklines at 20% over the original image and you get lovely color-coordinated inklines.


            Here's where PB comes in: before copying the Photocopy result, take your black inkline image and run it through Oil Paint, and this will finesse jaggies and other irregularities into graceful brush strokes. Granted, you are guaranteed to smear the eyes, so they will have to be knocked out. If you composite this version over the color original, the results are superb.


            As a result of this pipeline, I would like to ask someone to invent 2 new PixelBenders. The first one I need is a Freeze tool like the freeze/lock tool for protecting regions during Liquify. Think how great this would be for use with every other PB filter.


            The second one I need is a Dilate/Erode filter for my inklines. I downloaded the D/E PixelBender filter for Flash before I realized it's not compatible with Photoshop.


            Thanks, and don't forget to tell users how valuable PixelBender is.



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              AltWhitman Level 1

              OK, so I lied.


              The original image doesn't have to be simple per se, but well-composed, for example, with mucho depth of field, is required.


              Here's the original: http://www.corneliusswart.com/

              Here's the pixelbent version: http://generalpicture.com/pixx/cornelius.jpg


              For the record, the last filter in the pipeline was Fresco.

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                unique_screenname_here Level 3

                The erode and dilate filters that are on the Pixel Bender Exchange should all work in the Pixel Bender plugin for Photoshop. What problems were you seeing?

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                  AltWhitman Level 1

                  I actually did not experience a problem. I assumed because those filters were described as being for Flash they wouldn't install for Photoshop. Silly, isn' it.

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                    I really couldn't find the best place to ask this question, but I downloaded Pixel Bender and the Oil Paint is not listed in the Pixel Bender Folder on my hard drive. I can see Oil Paint listed as an option, but the screen is black and if I play with the various settings, nothing happens. Suggestions? Someone can email me at kcganong@gmail.com

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                      unique_screenname_here Level 3

                      brvhrt, the Oil Paint filter is a built-in filter; it does not reside on disk in Pixel Bender form. It sounds like your graphics card cannot handle the Oil Paint filter. What graphics card are you using? Do you have problems with any of the other filters? Are you using the latest vendor-supplied graphics drivers if running on Windows? Please start a new thread in the "Pixel Bender Plug-in for Photoshop" subforum if you're still having problems.