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    Newly built website not allowing users to open pdfs in browser


      We just got a new website. None of us who work here can open pdfs from our site in a browser (at least not automatically), even though we all open other sites' pdfs in a browser automatically. So we're thinking it's something wrong with our site, but the developer says he hasn't a clue. When we get the download box, we can open in a particular browser, but it opens from a saved temprorary file (not an actual link). Links are available by right clicking. We are all using Adobe 9.


      1. Adobe 9 preferences set to open pdfs in a browser? Yes Preferences.JPG



      2. Tried "Repair Adobe Reader."


      3. Also, the download box will not let us check "do this automatically from now on."




      Can we know for certain that this problem originates with Adobe Reader? Or, is it possible the developer screwed something up?