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    create OSMF plugin or not?




      I know plugins are usefull for particular type of services - like displaying videos from Youtube etc.

      Is it worth to write a one plugin if I need to proccess complex tasks - like loading videos from 2 providers,

      accessing advertisements from 3 providers, manage playlists..

      Or better write some plugins for separate providers content and implement them in my own custom player...

      Any recommendations would be helpfull.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Mykola3296 Level 2

          My personal approach here would be writing SWC for reusable code and combining them to separate plugins.

          Minor tuning and functionality oftenly done via proxy plugins also.

          At least this is a design for our project at rian.ru

          Together with RSL preloading feature in our player that gives an easiest (IMHO) way to reuse code and to maintain it.

          Also load time is decreased somewhat considering the size of particular application is smaller compared to some huge "god" plugin that fullfills all the tasks.