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    Fireworks Upgrade Debacle

      I purchased the CS3 Fireworks upgrade today, and it looks like I'm not the first person who has run into this stupid situation...

      Before paying for this upgrade, I clicked the "Upgrade Eligibility", which opened a second window presenting the following copy. It's reformatted here (no table) but is verbatim.


      Upgrade eligibility
      Upgrade to Adobe Fireworks CS3*

      You have
      Macromedia Fireworks 8, MX 2004, or MX

      You want
      Adobe Fireworks CS3

      You pay

      *Upgrade pricing is available only for products listed above and requires a qualifying previous product with serial number. Upgrades for volume and education licensing are handled separately.


      Well, I do indeed have Fireworks MX. It was one of the applications I paid for with Studio MX. Unfortunately, Adobe doesn't consider that eligible. Why?! And why the fsck don't they have a disclaimer stating such? Nowhere on that page does it say you must have the "stand-alone" version of Fireworks to be eligible. I HAD the stand-alone version when I upgraded to Studio MX!

      I found a post from early June '07 by another irate customer who'd just been given the same story. Why hasn't Adobe taken the time to clarify the upgrade requirements on that page? It feels slimy to me, like they're being purposefully ambiguous.

      I had three, 3-minute conversations with three separate CSR's and spent over 60 minutes on hold between the conversations. I was in the process of getting a case# for a refund when I was cut off! The first person I talked to had a thick accent, as did the last. Obviously, these calls are fielded overseas now. Anything to save a buck, huh? So now I need to spend more time on hold to get my money back. Fantastic, I can't wait!

      You know, as an Adobe customer for nearly 20 years, I'm starting to get that "Quark" feel from Adobe, and I don't like it. I bought CS3 Design Premium only to discover they'd amputated Imageready, which really trashed my workflow. I griped about it on the forums for a few weeks, but finally surrendered and was ready to dive into Fireworks. Now I get this upgrade BS.

      Anyone else NOT feeling the love?

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          My company has had the exact same experience. We had two sets of Adobe CS1 and Macromedia Studio 8. We purchased the same CS3 upgrades and Fireworks upgrades you did for the same reason after reading the same verbiage. luckily, only one was opened and install was attempted before we began our same journey down to Hades you took.

          We returned one, but now I have no web graphics app for God knows how long thanks to the beautiful customer service and marketing of the juggernaut Adobe. Thanks Macromedia, you greedy #$#%@#s.

          ... off the e-mail my IS guys again.
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            What do you expect? Adobe is now a monopoly! they can do what ever the F@k they want. there is no competition anymore so they can sell ******, over-kill products with lame functionality which most of us never will know or use.
            I just bought my first Mac and It looks like the only App that really works well is PS. all the rest is clumsy especially Fireworks.

            I personally have given up with Adobe and starting to look for open source and less known products.

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              migo33 wrote:

              > I personally have given up with Adobe and starting to look for open source and
              > less known products.

              The mistake was buying the Mac. ;-)

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                AZEric2112 Level 1
                migo33, never mind the jabs from PC people. Enjoy your Mac. That's just jealousy talkin'...

                I've been using Macs and PCs for over 20 years and have always preferred the Mac. If you're a designer, musician, etc... it's just better. And now with Parallels, you can run any cruddy Windows system you want simultaneously on your Mac. I use Parallels so I can preview and correct all the glorious CSS bugs in IE6 & 7 before I launch my sites.
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                  Joel Stoner
                  [CROSS POST]

                  OK! Adobe came thru! A customer service agent called me back yesterday when I wasn't in. She was suposed to call me back at 10am today. Finally at 3pm I called, and the new agent walked me thru a special process that gave me a "challange code" that I gave him, then he gave me a "response code", and that finished the registration! I'm in!


                  For the record, I had upgraded my CS2 to CS3. I also own MacroMedia Studio MX, which contains Fireworks MX. Since I already had this old version of Fireworks, I also bought a new Fireworks CS3 upgrade (standalone), which wouldn't take the reg code from the *Studio*(bundle) version of Fireworks MX (apparently it only works on the stand alone version). After a few calls, Adobe made it work. Thanks Adobe!
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                    whatalotofrubbish Level 1
                    You guys in the states have it all on the cheap.
                    In the UK, where in real money £1 is worth $2 , the Adobe exchange rate is £1 for less than $1.

                    Same program, same language, at least twice the cost.
                    Bring back Macromedia - all is forgiven.
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                      AZEric2112 Level 1
                      Well, given that we pay through the nose for health insurance, I think we're even.