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    Does Premiere Elements 9 run on Win 7 64 Bit OS?


      I ask this because I have been reading that it is a 32 bit program and so there might be problems.  On Adobe's system requirements page, it does not say anything about recommending one to use a 32 bit system, it just says  "Windows 7".


      I want to know if this is the reason for PreEle not working on my machine.  Here are the details:


      I installed the trial version and was able to open it once and create a short clip to test out the quality.  I had PrEle open while opening the completed avi in Win Media (or VLC- can't remember) and then an error came up in PrEle saying that a serious error has occured and the program needs to shut down.


      Then I tried to open the program again and a new error came up.  I was having the same troubles with the FL Studio VSTi files as some others have expressed, so I found them and deleted them (I had already uninstalled Fruity Loops).  Now I can create a new project but all I see is the UI window with menus.  I can't click on anything excpet create new project, which in doing so gives me the error "a serious error has occured... need to shut down".  I press Ok and PreEle does nothing.  I have to close it with X.


      Thank you in advance for any help.


      As far as I know, my computer is up to date.  I use Win Update which I have heard doesn't find all updates so it is possible something is out of date, so if someone knows of a good program that looks thoroughly for all updates for your comp, I'd love for you to share your knowledge!

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          barrydavid Level 1

          Just loaded it on my 32 bit win 7 laptop (Qosmio x300) and it seems to be working fine.


          Anyone else have problems with it on their 64 bit?

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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            It definitely works and works well on a 64-bit machine. I have one and I have not had these issues with it. Some time back someone from Adobe mentioned in these forums that the preferences need to be cleared, catalog needs to be cleared and the layouts need to be refreshed.. Let me look for the link and other information and see if clearing all this helps you.


            The catalog is in one of the two locations: (Press Windows key + R together and type the contents as is in the Run bar)

            "%programdata%\Adobe\Elements Organizer\"

            "%appdata%\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\"


            The preference file is in

            "%appdata%\Adobe\Premiere Elements\9.0\"

            Filename: Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs (Delete this, it gets recreated when launched successfully)


            Disable Antivirus, if any (just for launch)



            Try these and meanwhile I can search for the layouts file information as well..

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              DurbsLad Level 1

              I use it with Win7 Pro 64-bit.  The issues I have had are:


              1)  It refuses to run if I don't allow it to access the Internet.  This remains true even after registering and activating.  The access is required for both Premier Elements 9 (it asks twice), and for QT32.exe, obviously the QuickTime component.  I should probably tell the firewall to remember the setting.


              2)  It gets a little panicky if I mix video formats (HD and DVD quality, or MPEG/H.264 with MPEG2), but this can usually be got around by rendering the timeline - there is lots on recent threads about this.  If there are red lines on the timeline/sceneline, you need to render the red bits to get quality, smooth previews.  I realise that you're not getting this far.


              Other than that, it has behaved very well.

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                DurbsLad Level 1

                Apologies for the disjoined response.  You might resolve the problem by rebooting the machine.  Premier Elements does not in my experience share the sound driver with anything, and if something else grabs the sound device PE seems to go into a sulk until the machine is rebooted.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  For more info on VST's, this ARTICLE might be useful.


                  Good luck,



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                    1964*Redrider Level 1

                    That is my OS. You can read the problem I am having in the post above:


                    "Cannot deleate a  MPEG-4 file in the Organizer."

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                      Joey Rocco Level 1

                      Hi. My name is Joe. Can you help me?. I have been reading every forum and everywhere about how to get Prem El 9 running on my machine. I am completely lost. I need a step by step  on how to set it up if it really does work. I have a Dell Precision Win 7 64 bit Quad, its got all the bells and wistles I need to run a vid edit app but I can tget the darn thing to operate. What I did was load the software, and launched the program. It stays on the welcome screen, loading info, for what I dont know,... but I choose to start a new project and it opens to the interface and the browser opens to the C drive location by dcefault and I try to access the buttons to set up a new location, or try to press any buttons to start and I cant, nothing happens, I can operate it. Its crazy!!! The menus are not grayed out anymore, but I cant create anything...I even tried setting up compatibility mode to Win 7 when installing from the setup.exe file. Nothing..Can you help me out here, or send me some place that will help me. I am so frusterated with it all, I just want it to work.

                      I hope you can help.




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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Always a good idea to start your own threads with questions like this, Joe


                        Post to an 8 month old thread like this and you might not even get noticed.


                        Meantime, have you checked out my free 8-part Basic Training tutorial series at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com?



                        And, if you want really detailed step by step instructions for every tool in the program, you may want to check out my books.


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                          Joey Rocco Level 1

                          Hey Thanks Steve. That is a real good point.    I will do so. Thakns for your support.