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    Render for Preview fails to work.


      Hopefully I can explain this thoroughly enough so that someone can understand.


      This happens with any file large or small in Premiere CS5.


      When I drag a video onto into my sequence and hit space bar to play it goes for about 1 second and stops... I have tried multiple videos, I have pressed enter to render the video, I have exported the video (which plays fine). I changed my scratch disk from my main HDD to my external that is plugged in via USB and you couldn't tell any difference.


      I am on a 2009 MacBook Pro IntelCore duo 2 2.53ghz 4gb ram. There is 160 gigs free on my my main HDD and 397 on my external.


      I know the file isn't corrupt because ive tried multiple different videos. Just created a whole new file, import a new video and still same results.


      I realize this is sort of babble, but I am trying to give every detail that I can.


      Any all all suggestions are appreciated.


      Thank you.



      -Just tried CS4 to see what happens and it works just fine!