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    panoramic camera panning

    VizFX76 Level 1

      I want to build a 3D interface with a panoramic background and floating 3d objects with similar behavior with a panorama.
      So I`ve build a textured 3D sphere with flipped (interior) faces and a camera in the middle.
      My first choice was to use the included “Drag Camera” behavior with pan activated.
      If I use only the option for horizontal pan everything it`s ok but if I choose both horizontal and vertical the motion it is out of control and not similar to QuickTime VR (autolevel).
      What I want to obtain:
      -    limited vertical panning for camera not  360 ° - just 90° up and 90° down, with possible modification for even a smaller panning
      -    limited horizontal panning for camera not  360 ° - for some scenes with incomplete panoramic images
      -    individual panning horizontal and vertical similar to QTVR not in the same time - like this I can achieve camera autolevel and I will avoid rolls