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    Flex Component kit accessibility

    Ged_mc Level 1
      Hi All,

      I was hoping that the F.C.K . would create components that are accessible in flex however it seems not so. The UIMovieclip class seems to implement the IFocusManagerComponent:

      class UIMovieClip extends MovieClip implements IDeferredInstantiationUIComponent, IToolTipManagerClient, IFocusManagerComponent, IStateClient

      So I would expect it to work however it just doesn't -- the flex app just wants to keep hogging the focus all the time!

      Has anyone done this? Help very welcome!
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          Glenn Ruehle Adobe Employee
          Do you want accessibility support or focus support? If it is just focus support, the Flex 3 component kit does pass focus to the Flash content that has editable text or items with tabEnabled = true.

          Glenn Ruehle
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            Ged_mc Level 1
            Thanks Glenn,

            Am I correct in saying that the component kit for Flex 2 does not impement iFocusManagerComponent but the kit for Flex 3 does? In which case - congratulations for putting this right.

            Do you have any suggestions for getting Focus Support ( tabbing to input fields to work ) using the Flex 2 component kit. I've tried using a UIMovieClip Base class in flash that implements iFocusManagerComponent but it doesn't like that one bit throwing several 1044 errors for each method it doesn't like.

            All the best,
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              Glenn Ruehle Adobe Employee
              You can use the Flex 3 component kit to build components that work in Flex 2 (the Flex 3 component kit is not dependent on any Flex 3 features).

              Give it a shot, and let me know if it works for you.

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                Ged_mc Level 1
                Hi Glenn,

                Thanks for the tip. Installing the FLEX 3 component kit solved the problem with accessibility / focusing text inputs in F.C.K components inside flex. This worked for flex apps compiled with Moxie M2 and Flex 2.0.2. .

                The info on installing the new version 1.1 component is pretty confusing so for the benefit of others:

                To install the FLEX 3 Component kit first install the Flex 3 Beta or SDK then browse to the installed folder:
                C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\moxie\frameworks\projects\flash_integration here you will find the MXP file to install the commands. They install over the version 1.0 commands and add an extra command "make flex containor" which is used for integrating flex content into a flash app.

                PS) The flash CS3 accessibilty panel does not seem to work so watch out for compile errors when exporting the SWC. If you use the panel to provide a tab index it will not compile. These are documented elsewhere.
                All the best,