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    Images don't show and won't be copied to the destination folder

    hjartans august

      Version RoboHelp



      Recently started to work on an old RoboHelp project and so I’m new to this software.

      The problem is with images (I’m using .jpg .gif etc.) The path is correct to the image which was done from the image editor. But, the images won’t be copied from my sourcefolder “graphic” to the generated folder graphic.


      The images can’t be displayed from either the image editor or from the folder that holds these within RoboHelp, but all the images are there. One time I got it to work though, the showed up in the image editor, but after saving and reopen RH8 the problem was back. I’ve also tried to move the images to the root folder but that won’t help. Whats need to be added is, that some pictures do show and do copy to the generated folder..


      One solution is to copy the images manually but that seems to be a short solution and soon there will be several more projects that will be generate out of this project.


      Has anyone an idea of what the problem might be and how I can solve it?


      Kind Regards Chris