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    clipstart time not working

    new flex guy Level 1

      hey frnds,

      plz check this my code

      using flex 4.5 sdk  and osmf 1.5


      private static const REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE:String= "http://mediapm.edgesuite.net/strobe/content/test/AFaerysTale_sylviaApostol_640_500_short.f lv";

      private var mps:MediaPlayerSprite;


      public function start():void {

      mps = new MediaPlayerSprite();



      var resource:URLResource = new StreamingURLResource( REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE,StreamType.RECORDED,10,15);

      mps.resource = resource;












      <s:Button label="callMe" click="start();"  />

      <mx:UIComponent id="videoContainer" width="300" height="300"/>


      i want to start video from 10th sec of flv and stop at its 15th sec

      but above code is not working , is any solution thr,

      thx in advanced,