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    Flash CS5 iOS application VERY SLOW when running on my device. HELP!


      Hello, I'm developing an iOS application with flash CS5  and all is well until I actually run my application on my ipod touch. Although, when I simply test the movie while working in flash, it exports as a .swf and runs at the perfect speed. It runs about 4 TIMES SLOWER once on the device. It's programmed to run at 30 fps. What I've tried is... I used "break apart" on all of my graphics, and then to all the movieclips I've checked "cache as bitmap". I have no embedded fonts. (which I hear can also slow flash projects down) At certain frames I use "removeEventListener" to lessen the amount code. I don't know what else to do or whether or not what I've done is helpful to the speed of my application. Please help!