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    How Best to Import iPhone 4 video into Premier Pro CS5 - Settings for new import "sequence preset"?


      Shooting video with my iPhone 4 (ATT version) and am trying to import file into Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.3) running on Macintosh OS 10.6.6.


      The problem is that I am simply guessing on how to import sequence, and the result is that I am getting motion artifacts and generally inferior quality.  I am using iMovie 11 as my basis for comparison.   Not surprisingly, iMovie 11 imports from iPhone beautifully, but when I've looked around inside of it for properties, there isn't much to see.


      From using Apple's built in quicktime "inspector,"  it is possible to see that iPhone4 video has following properties:


      ".mov" file

      dimensions:   1280 x 720

      codecs:  H.264, AAC

      Color Profile:   HD (1-1-1)

      Audio Channels:  1

      Total Bit Rate:  10,543





      <my comments in angle brackets>

      ????  = Question



      Editing mode: DSLR    < Correct?   Best i could do, perhaps it should be "Mobile Device"  perhaps it doesn't matter>

      Timebase: 29.97fps


      Video Settings

      Frame size: 1280h 720v (1.0000)    <from apple quicktime "inpector" window >

      Frame rate: 29.97 frames/second     <from apple quicktime "inpector" window >

      Pixel Aspect Ratio:  ????

      Fields: N????


      Audio Settings

      Sample rate: ?????


      Default Sequence

      Total video tracks: 3

      Master track type: Stereo

      Mono tracks: 0

      Stereo tracks: 3

      5.1 tracks: 0

      Submix mono tracks: 0

      Submix stereo tracks: 0

      Submix 5.1 tracks: 0



      Seeking advice on how to smoothly and *losslessly* import/ingest iphone4 footage into PPro CS5.  (I am not worried about exporting for iPhone display, which is what most of the information I can find relates to).


      Thanks in advance,  Michael