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    Issues with Audio


      Hello, I'm Having an Issue with my Audio in AE. When I try to Shift-RAM preview my footage  It doesn't play any of the audio from the Footage. The video itself plays fine, but no audio. When I ad it to render que and publish it, it plays audio.


      For the record, the footage is not muted, and if I put in just an audio clip it plays it fine.





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          Felix Dames Level 1

          This sounds like a similar problem what I have posted in this thread:




          But I still got no answers so far...


          It would be good to know which version of After Effects you use and some system specs.


          Here on my system AE CS5 ( Win7 Ultimate 64bit I can not confirm your problem!

          Are you sure you didn't mute the audio in the preview window?



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            MyNamesBOWB Level 1

            I have AE CS5 on a HP Pavilion 64 bit version

            of Windows 7... I think it's home premium, I'm not sure.


            No, nothing is muted.

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              Felix Dames Level 1

              1. Do you get audio when doing a normal Ram-Preview instead of a Shift-Ram-Preview ?


              2. Have you installed the latest AE update ( ?


              3. Does it happen when you have filled up the whole Ram with image cache files or does it happen also when not the whole Ram is filled up with image cache files ?

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                MyNamesBOWB Level 1

                No I don't get audio when I use RAM Preview or Shift Ram Preview.


                If I hit control and drag the scrubber over the video I hear random little bits of audio, but if I try to RAM-preview nothing comes up


                I have the most up to date version of AE


                Just discovered: If I put "Backwards" from audio effects on it, it plays. BUT IT'S BACKWARDS! As the name implies.  Also, if I put Delay on it, and turn it all the way off, it plays the audio. but I don't want to have to do that to every clip! What should I do?





                I'm not sure what the 3rd question is, and I don't know how to check.

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                  Felix Dames Level 1

                  Have you really checked that the audio is not muted under Shift+Ram Preview Options? It has to look like the right image.

                  I'm just asking again because when it's muted and you scrub the timeline with control key pressed down you get audio even when it's muted in the Preview window !


                  and don't push the play button (plays without audio) push the RamPreview button |||> (the one on the right side)


                  If you did everything right and still have no audio then take a look into Preferences/Audio Hardware and change the audio driver or the sample size buffer to see if that helps.


                  The default 'Sample Size Buffer' value for the driver 'After Effects WDM Sound' is 2048.


                  If that don't help - I'm out of answers


                  Good luck