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    Refresh date PHP



      I have create two file:


      index.mxml = a PANEL with a text CRISTIANO in LABEL and a button POPUP


      title.mxml = a FORM with a TEXTINPUT and a BUTTON UPDATE


      on index, click button open a popup titlewindow a form, I insert text DAVIDE on a TEXTINPUT and click UPDATE, after update with PHP (on database MYSQL I see that it is modifiy), close automatically, on LABEL it isn't change in DAVIDE, why?


      I'm not successful to complete if close the popup, refresh or update text on LABEL or etc..


      I have use this.


      private function checkModifica(modifica_impostazione:ResultEvent):void




      if(modifica_impostazione.result.modificasuccess == "si")







      this.dispatchEvent(new CloseEvent(CloseEvent.CLOSE));



      currentState = "home";




      It isn't ok, because to be used currentState don't update automatically or refresh!