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    Print selected area"

    BobDiN Level 1

      The "Print selected area" feature was taken out of Photoshop CS 5.  Can you please re-institute it?


      With the ability to make large print sizes getting easier, this feature becomes more important to save paper and ink.


      It provides the ability to print and evaluate subtle adjustment to selected areas without having to print the entire photo.  Besides the stated "saving of paper and ink", it also saves time and therefore creative energy.


      Thank you for your consideration

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          Rokeby Wilson Level 1

          I'm having to revert to earlier versions of PS to Print Selection (lucky I didn't delete them when I installed 5).


          I can't for the life of me see why anyone would remove this as an option- I print sections of very large documents all the time and this option gave me quick and easy control of this. CS5 just can't do it at all. Even freeware programmes can do it, but CS5 can't.


          Please restore this option a.s.a.p.

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            funn1bunn1 Level 1

            Only using the rectangular marquee tool is allowed to let me print selected area, I wish making a selection of a layer let me do that too.

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              If you don’t want to wait for the feature to be re-introduced I think one should be able to use a workaround with a Script (or possibly even Action) – if you don’t do that already anyway.


              That should also work based on non-rechtangular Selections but take somewhat more time than the original feature – with really large images, which probably are one of the reasons for the demand in the first place, it might get too time-intensive to be of much use even.

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                grafkaal2 Level 1

                Surely it can't be to much trouble to put it back in! I use it all the time to test small strips for colour matching. So much hastle and time wasting with different workarounds - copy, new doc, paste, then print! Etc. etc... Come on Adobe, put it back. Thanks!

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                  Rokeby Wilson Level 1

                  It would be nice if someone from Adobe could explain why they took it out in the first place (and even better, agree to put it back). The only even vaguely efficient way to deal with this in my workflow is to run an older version of PS to do it. That's not too fair on people who have bought the current version and don't have previous versions to fall back on. And it is still a pain in the neck even for those of us who do.

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                    Rokeby Wilson Level 1

                    Why is this marked as 'possibly answered'? The only possible solution offered (and thanks for the suggestion, BTW) though it is a sensible suggestion in theory,  is nevertheless only a general suggestion of a possible route to go down to start looking for a patched up solution at best, and is stated by the person suggesting it as probably unworkable in practice as it would be too time-consuming- as indeed it would be. In my own case, it wouldn't actually work at all.

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                      c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                      I think all threads that got any reply are marked as possibly answered, which seems not altogether unreasonable.

                      When the original posters never get back to the threads they started they may nevertheless have gotten a correct answer …

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                        Rokeby Wilson Level 1

                        Please could someone on the staff come back to us on this, it has been hanging around for ages unanswered.

                        For some of us this is an essential feature and we're having to use older versions of PS to do it, which is a nuisance. People purchasing CS5 who aren't updating from earlier versions or who removed earlier versions from their systems can't even do that.


                        Please could you tell us whether there are any intentions to fix this problem, and if so, on what timescale?

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                          ddesigner746 Level 1

                          The main reason I updated from Photoshop 5.5 to CS5 was to better work with very large image files.

                          How ironic that to conveniently print the large files I create in CS5 onto multiple sheets of A3, I need to print them on my old Mac running OS9 and Photoshop 5.5!


                          Looks like Adobe has become complacent about their product. Perhaps more market competition would wake them up from their complacent dominance.


                          Alternative suggestions would be welcome.

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                            Rokeby Wilson Level 1

                            +1. That's exactly my own situation, except I can do it on CS1 as I kept it on the system when I installed 5 (thank goodness).




                            Still a deafening silence from the staff.


                            As a customer of Adobe since PS5, who as far as I remember has never once troubled support to ask for anything before this, I'm feeling not only ignored, but very unloved.


                            (My OH works fo an internatinal company which leases some very  complicated software. If they treated their customers like Adobe are  treating us on an issue as basic as this, they'd be toast. But there is  much more competition in their sector. I agree, therefore, the key is  that there isn't enough competition. When there was, in the early days,  Adobe behaved better. Now after all the support we have given them as  customers over the years, we have in effect given them a market  dominance so great that they can afford to ignore us even when we have serious problems like  this.)