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    No print command


      I've lost the printer command for pdf files.  The commands still appear when I access the site on my wife's laptop, but not on mine.  Previously, I had no problems on either of our laptops.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Please be more specific, it your complaint is not clear. If you are having trouble printing pdfs that you are viewing in a browser window, then please say that. Let us know your OS? your version of Reader? your web browser together with version number?

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            kdgrant6 Level 1

            Win 7

            Google Chrome

            Adobe Reader X


            When I pull up an adobe file, the normal "outline" around the text is

            not present.  By "outline" I mean the borders of the file that has

            "print" "save as" and other commands.  Those aren't present for me now,

            but they were there up until about three weeks ago.  I can call up the

            same file on my wife's laptop, and everything is fine.


            I would appreciate the help.


            Ken Grant