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    H.264 Blu-ray

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I'm having all kinds of problems dynamic linking projects to Encore... just won't work for me.   So I'm exploring other options to get this project out.


      The H.264 Bluray export settings.  How good are they?  Does that produce the same quality export as Encore would with a dynamically linked PP project? 


      I was thinking about exporting my sequence using H.264 Blu-ray and then importing the already-encoded-clips into Encore.  Is there any problem doing it this way?  Any loss of quality that I wouldn't normally get if I had let Encore do the transcoding?


      The files sizes indicate that they are HEAVILY compressed.  I was used to seeing 5 GB files using a lossless output, but now with this H.264 Bluray setting they are only 500 MB.  Is this normal?  Or am I looking for quality problems?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you know what you are doing, the quality can be even better than having Encore do it's automatic thing.


          Look here for optimal settings: DVD-HQ  Bitrate & GOP calculator

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            Kona Bob Level 2

            I always do the Blu Ray encode directly from the PPro timeline using AME, and import the "burn ready" files directly into Encore- no further encoding by Encore needed.

            This may just be my lack of experience with using Encore to encode, but I find that I have more detailed control over the encode settings using AME.

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              Wes Howell Adobe Employee

              Hi Toomany3,


              I work at Adobe on the Production Premium team and would be happy to help you try and figure out the Dynamic LInk Issues.

              I work with DL quite regularly and haven't seen the same issues that you describe.


              Happy to get some example projects (especially the masking issue) and see what I can do to repro on my end and hopefully work towards figuring out what the problem is.



              Wes Howell


              feel free to contact me directtly at whowell at adobe d0t c0m

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                H.264 does use heavy-compression, but it is one of two formats/CODEC's that will work with BD.The other is HD MPEG-2.


                Whether one chooses to Export a BD-compliant H.264, or HD MPEG-2, that will work fine, and allow control.


                Even when using ADL, you can either let En choose the best Transcode setting on Automatic, or can manually adjust things to suit.


                Harm's advice, and suggestions have the additional advantage of allowing the user to bit-budget, though looking at your file sizes with H.264, I would think that you can probably get by with the max BD bit-rates, and still fit your material. When the Projects get larger, then bit-budgeting will come in handy.


                Good luck,



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                  Toomany3 Level 1

                  Thanks everyone. 

                  Wes, I will email you.  Thank you.  I'm VERY anxious to find a solution to all this!

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                    Pijetro Level 1

                    Well, the issue shouldn't be quality, since Encore uses AME to encode anyways..


                    The bigger issue, is to make sure that A)Your ADL actually works, and B)Make sure thatif you encode via AME, then the transcodes are respected, and not ignored in Encore..


                    I'm still with CS4, and these are two issues that leave a bad taste in my mouth..

                    Do a small test sample first, and see what workflow works to your advantage..


                    Otherwise, you're basically using the same tool to output to the desired codec. Yes, definately use the bitrate calculator as suggested....

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                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Encore uses AME to encode anyways..

                      Just a reminder that this is only true if you tell Encore to use ame and if you transcode before the "build."  An amazing option.

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                        Pijetro Level 1

                        If you build within Encore, then what other encoding engine is Encore using other than AME?

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                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If you build within Encore, then what other encoding engine is Encore using other than AME?

                          I believe that Encore has its own, and that it is part of the Sonic base of Encore.


                          This AME option was listed as one of the new features in CS5, called "Out-of-Process transcoding."  Its main advantage is the use of the 64 bit ame, rather than Encore (which is still 32 bit).  Other posts on this topic suggest that the ame is better quality, but I have not tested.