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    Flash 10.1 Throttling breaks my app


      Hi everyone,


      i just noticed this week that a Flash application that we completed a year go (and are still selling) is now broken by the flash 10.1 update. It slowed down to a crawl and is freezing as well.


      After doing researches, i came to the conclusion that the new cpu throttling (for invisible swfs) is causing the issue.


      We started developing it a long time ago, before AIR hit the market and we are using local connections to communicate between about 10 different swfs that we are showing/hiding as needed. They are all loaded by an IE activex, inside a RealBasic executable.


      I was wondering if there was a way to turn that OFF and keep my invisible movies running at 100% because i cant do otherwise (other than redesigning my app completely).


      For now, i have to tell clients to "downgrade" their plugin to 10.0 but this is not a workaround.


      Is there anything planned in flash 10.2 release to help on that side ? Can i get help from Adobe in this ?


      I have tried the "opaque" workaround but it does not work very well with my application.