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    Coloring part of an Image




      I'm writing a Flex application. I have a map and i'm planning to color countries on the map. The color is going to change based on a input number for each contry (Like changeing color based on population). My question would be, how to change the color of a part of an image? I'm planning to use image croping, but I'm not sure, if I can use other forms then rectangle. I'm planning to use one of these maps :



      and planning to do something like this :


      http://www.tarasnovak.com/lab/DegrafaGlobe/DegrafaGlobe.html (The 2D part, but not with mouseover)


      So any suggestions would be great how to start it.


      Thank you,


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          Kukaac Level 1

          One more question about liberty gis. Is is possible to retrive a list of MapItems from the DataLayer class.


          I'm trying something like this:



          shapeFile.source = new shapeFileAsset() as ByteArray;


          DBFFile.source = new DBFFileAsset() as ByteArray;
          dataLayer = new DataLayer(shapeFile, DBFFile, false, true);


          map.addLayer(dataLayer );           

          for each (component in dataLayer.components)
               if (component is MapItem){




          however the dataLayer.components is an empty Vector. (It shouldn't be empty since I managed to display the map)