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    CS5/AMP install problem with flv files


      We are unable to play flv files on a Macbook Pro with CS5 installed.  They play using the VLC Media Player, but not in CS5 when we load them as part of a package. They also don't play using the Adobe Media Player on this machine, and since Adobe is no longer releasing AMP we can't just download the latest copy and re-install.


      It seems highly likely that there is a system file on the mac that is corrupted or out of date.  Who can tell us what it might be?  We're going to re-install CS5 this afternoon, but I'm not sure that's going to solve the problem.


      I posted a question about this earlier but we got no response.  This post has additional information, hopefully somebody will have seen this before or know what system file might be causing the problem.  I'm more of a Windows guy, so I'm not even sure where to look.