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    Invoking Context Sensitive Help with a TOC

    Matt Stratton

      I have searched around the forums and it seems I may be in the wrong area with this thread that I found (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/38858) but I have been unable to find a way to get to the developer side of things.  If someone can direct me it would be great but if you have an answer even better :-)


      I have integrated WebHelp with our web application and can successfully launch context-sensitive help by itself.  When I want to display a TOC, index or search with it, it seems I can only display the default topic and not the context sensitive one.


      Successful: RH_ShowHelp(0, 'help/en-us/WebHelp/Index.htm>helpWin', HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 42);

      Fail: RH_ShowHelp(0, 'help/en-us/WebHelp/Index.htm>helpWin', HH_DISPLAY_TOC, 42);


      I have been around the internet and found various sites that talk about how it is not possible to have a TOC show anything but the default topic and it just seems a bit off that this is not possible. I have also found sites mentioning some hacks to the javascript files but it seems that that was for older versions of RoboHelp.


      I am currently using WebHelp generated by RoboHelp 8.  If anyone can help or at least direct me to a forum where I can get this question answered, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you :-)