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    Internet Explorer freezes when accessing sites using Flash


      I am using Windows 7 64-bit, Internet Explorer 8 32-bit and Flash Player 10.1.r102.64. Also Norton Internet Security 2010.


      I am having multiple problems that seem to have arisen more or less simultaneously, I don't know if they're connected or even if I've caused some while trying to fix others.


      My difficulty with Flash Player is that Internet Explorer seems to freeze whenever attempting to open a web page that uses Flash, I then get the error message "Adobe Flash Player Installer/Uninstaller 10.1 r102 has stopped working."


      Additionally, I find I am unable to install some Software, specifically Chrome, Firefox and CCleaner - the installer seems to run, but then nothing happens. Also my attempts at using System Restore have either failed or made matters worse. Most recently when I open Internet Explorer I get the error message "ButtonMonitor has stopped working."


      I would be most grateful for any insight into how to fix my Flash-related problem, or into the possible relation my difficulties may have to one another.


      Thank You,  Ray Sim

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, Norton would probably be your biggest problem. Since Norton can block the Installation of Flash Player, let's take a look at your Flash files. Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash  Post back the files listed there. The NPSWF files you will need to right click on and then click on Properties in order to obtain the version numbers.


          Using IE, go to Tools, Manage addons and look under "Show"(very light text) Look under All addons or Run without Permission for Shockwave Flash Object. Let me know if it is Installed, Enabled and the version number.


          Using FF, look in plugins for Shockwave Flash. It must be Installed and Enabled as well.


          I wouldn't try Uninstalling/Installing anything until we see what the issue is and the solution. No need to complicate matters:-)



          Norton can also interfere with the System Restore in Windows.


          You may want to mention what Anti-Virus program you use and Firewall info.






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            RCSim Level 1

            Thanks for responding. I'm really getting the impression I'll be better off without Norton. My virus and firewall protection consist of the Norton and whatever is intrinsic to Windows 7. I'm afraid I didn't recognize all the sets of initials you used, so we'll see how I did.


            In C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash I found:












            I don't know what an NPSWF file is, but I didn't see anything I recognized as one. The only file that seems to have version information is FlashUtil10l_ActiveX which is


            In Internet Explorer I found ShockwaveFlashObject version listed as "enabled" under both "All add-ons" and "Run without permission"


            Thanks again



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              I have the same problem...when using a site that uses Flash...This problem seems to be a common problem [Google it]....the only thing consistant with all the problems is Windows7...The problem seems to be with Adobe Flash and Windows 7. I have uninstalled/reinstalled everything and I do mean everything... several times...It is not anti virus related...I do not use Norton...It is not browser related...I tried Chrome, FF, IE...All freeze. When I use Skype...connecting without a browser...Skype freezes...I have posted on several forums...tried many fixes...yet this problem goes on.

              If anyone out there has an answer...we all would like to get a fix.

              Also,is there a way to email Adobe directly? I cant seem to find a link under Contact or Support.

              Does anyone from Adobe ever monitor this site? If so is there a link to contact that person?

              Hopefully someone here can help.

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                RCSim Level 1

                I've just now found that when I logged on using my wife's account everything seems normal. Internet Explorer handles Flash, Windows Media Center is fine and I was able to download Chrome for her account.


                I am very perplexed.



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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, thanks, you did very well!! All of your Flash files are correct and the Shockwave Flash Object also. So you shouldn't be having any problems with it working. However, there are many things that conflict with the browser/FP(Flash Player) and even other addons in the browser. Your Shockwave Flash Object is listed in both places, but there is only one. Just IE8's way of listing addons, etc.


                  The NPSWF files I referred to would be non-IE Flash files, such as FF(Firefox) or any other non-IE browser. I wasn't sure if you would have any or not, but to save you another trip back to see, thot you could check while you were there:-)


                  When I first posted to your thread, I was going to say "Welcome to Norton", Ha-Ha, but I thot maybe you might be a fan.


                  Norton & McAfee are the most intrusive Anti-Virus Programs I have ever encountered and there are not many I haven't.


                  Now in your addons, you will find the following and I would disable them:


                  -Norton Toolbar

                  -Symantec NCO BHO

                  -Symantec Intrusion Prevention (IPS)


                  If there are any other Norton/Symantec addons/BHO's/Helpers/ActiveX, disable them also, but let me know.

                  They have several other components that in my opinion protect users from themselves:-) I'm really surprised that with Norton you were even able to Install the Shockwave Flash Object.


                  Using IE, go to Tools, Internet Options. Click the Security Tab and make sure it is set to Medium for the Internet Zone. This enables you to view Flash Content.





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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, All Operating Systems that use Flash Player experience issues now and then and since Flash Player is a browser plugin and works thru the browsers, then yes it is browser related. How many addons/toolbars/BHO's/ActiveX/Helpers and Anti-Virus addons are in your browser(s)? FF, IE and Chrome all have Settings that effect Flash Player, Java, JavaScript and on and on.


                    XP, Vista, Win7, Linux, Mac, every OS and browser that Flash Player supports will have problems.



                    Most all programs Install some addon into the browser. Anything in the browser can be a positive or a negative, so it is always considered first.


                    Flash Player is not an island unto itself:-)


                    In order to give you help with your system, you need to start your own thread/discussion.






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                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                      Hi, Her account is on the same computer? If that is so, then perhaps the Administrator Account that you are using has a problem.






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                        houndawggy123 Level 1

                        Thanks Eidnolb...

                        Have started a new thread.

                        1/20/2011   10:46PM

                        thread 780882...Windows 7 freezes

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                          RCSim Level 1

                          I switched my wife's account to adminstrator status, deleted my account and set myself up a new one. So far - knock on wood - everything seems back to normal.


                          I think I'll wait a few days to see how things go and then do something about Norton. Do you have any preferred option for security software that plays nice with Flash?


                          Many Thanks,



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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi RC, That is an improvement, knocking on wood here:-) Sometimes the Admin account can get corrupted, so that was a good idea.


                            On AV, I like MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials) as it is free, light on resources, fast and does not Install any addons into the browsers!!! It includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, has Realtime Protection, scheduled scans, many choices. Updates automatically and you won't even know it is there. No, I don't work for MS, Ha-Ha. Best AV I have ever had.


                            You use Windows Firewall and of course they are compatible.


                            With your new system, it would work great.


                            Now whether you decide on MSE or some other one(not McAfee, that's jumping out of the frying pan into the fire), follow this procedure for an easy transition.


                            Go to microsoft and find the MSE, download it to your Desktop. Then go to:

                            http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/tsgeninfo.nsf/docid/2005033108162039     Norton Removal Tool

                            (Select which program you have and download it from this list to your Desktop)

                            Close all browser Windows.


                            Go to Control Panel and Remove Norton, then Reboot. Run the Norton Removal Tool and Reboot. Then Run the MSE and Install it. Reboot and then it will update and run a scan. Not sure if it does this first before you can Reboot or not.


                            Hope that works for you,


                            Thanks also for marking your thread as answered