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    New to Flash CS5


      I've been using flash cs3 for over a year and recently upgraded to cs5. I've also done this for dreamweaver, etc. For the most part I haven't had any problems until it came time to create a new flash project in cs5. The problem I'm having is with motion tweens; specifically, I cant find the tool or menu or icon to do fade in - fade out transitions. In Classic mode in the properties menu there is NO color effects or even effects option. I've tried preferences, using different display modes, etc but nothing works, oh, and I'm using a mac! Can someone help me in plain english??

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          mattdwm Level 1

          Click on the movie clip from the stage and go to the properties panel, under color effect select alpha from the style dropdown. So you need to change alpha to 0% on one frame and then move to another frame and set it to 100%.