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    Strange green line appears on bottom of footage frame (NOT RAM PREVIEW LINE)

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      Hi There!


      I recently upgraded to AE CS5, after long use of CS3.  I ran into an issue that hopefully somebody out there can help me with.  For one of my footage elements a green line (one pixel high) appears at the bottom of the frame.  The green line appears in the layer panel, so I'm not viewing it with any plugins--only it's purest form.  When I open the file in QT on my Mac, the green line at the bottom of the frame is not there.  This didn't occurr with CS3, and I'm lost for a solution.  I did some googling and found some AVID users talking about a similar issue, and was related to fields.  So, I went to 'Interpret Footage' and then took off fields with 'Lower First' and the green line goes away.  The problem with that work around is that the footage looks so poor.  This is a digital footage file, and I shouldn't have to remove fields because there were none to begin with. 


      I have attached some screenshots of the footage in QT and in AE CS5 for you all to see the issue.


      Has anybody encountered this issue?  Is it a CS5 known issue?  Is it related to OSX 10.6.5?


      Any help, tips, or guidance is greatly appreciated!