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    Lock/Unlock items inside custom ItemRenderer for Tree Control


      Hello All,


      So I've managed to get about 1/2 way to my goal but now I'm stuck and I'm hoping someone out there may have a fresh perspective for me.  I'm working with a Tree control and I need to be able to lock and unlock each item individually from any drag and drop functionality within the Tree.  I'm dispatching Change Events from a CheckBox in the item renderer so simply disabling the item won't work, besides it appears that even if the item is disabled or mouseEnabled is set to false...the item can still be dragged around in the tree.  I know the Tree control has properties like dragEnabled, dropEnabled and dragMoveEnabled, but this essentially makes all items either locked or unlocked...I'm looking to lock or unlock each item individually via its own CheckBox.


      Any ideas or help would be really appreciated,