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    Grouped Guides / Guides Sets

    PeaceFingers Level 1

      As a web designer, i use guides a lot, they are great. But when im working on a design with many different sections... sections with a different number of columns, or even sub content that is complex enough to place guides. Not to mention using guides on, headers, footers, or asides. My guides can start to look chaotic, messy, and completely worthless, so i delete the guides for the parts im done with.


      Wouldnt it be nice to group guides, to hide and show sets of guides based on what part of the design your working on. Perhaps even make the grouped guides a different color to signify the different sections.


      Maybe this is over the top, maybe not... but it seems like a valid feature to me.


      (Illustrator does this by turning guides into layer objects)

      This might be the solution, i certainly wouldnt complain if it meant that the guides in Photoshop could be manipulated.

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          markerline Level 4

          You can simulate your feature request by making a pixel-selection either vertical or horizontal and applying

          a stroke and using that as a single layer to act as a guide.  And this allows you the option of choosing a color for the guide.  You can then choose to snap to pixels (I think) and it will snap to the pixels in your simulated guide.  You can then rotate the simulated guide for angled appeal.


          If you draw a path object you could do the same thing--apply a stroke to the selection of the path object (Path>Make Selection) and you would have a curved guide.


          Would these suggestions benefit you over using a built-in feature of Photoshop?

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            PeaceFingers Level 1

            Thanks markerline for the suggestions.


            Unfortuanely i cannot say your suggestions would be beneficial over a built-in feature of Photoshop.


            The cool part about guides is that they do not actually ocupy a physical space on the document. They are not, for instance, located on "this pixel" or "that pixel", but they mark the location between pixels. Personaly, snapping to this Location is ideal for making layouts exact (snap to guides).


            Extending the functionality of Photoshop guides, that seems like a nice feature.